Merchant Banking & Advisory
With a dedicated mobile team and global mindset, Chiron prides itself on being able to execute rapidly and use its experience and network to provide unique solutions. Chiron provides transaction–oriented strategic advice. Drawing on unique market insights, we help companies evaluate their strategic objectives in view of market realities and then craft a plan to realize the optimal results.

We take personal satisfaction from helping our clients develop their visions and businesses by helping them raise capital in an optimal way.

With our firm's merchant banking approach, we can become an investor and/or an advisor as the circumstances dictate. We also value and respect all sources of private equity. As such, Chiron differentiates itself by:

• Understanding the objectives of the entrepreneur and the private equity community
• Preparing comprehensive analysis on the market, business and risks
• Building user–friendly financial models for managers and investors to understand the key drivers and performance indicators
• Marketing to a wide but appropriate audience to achieve an optimal valuation and structure
• Providing bridge loans, as appropriate to add value for the client and Chiron

Aligning Interests
Chiron's professionals take a comprehensive approach to corporate finance. In today's complex and dynamic business environment, we focus on both the client's immediate and long-term objectives in relation to a transaction. We use success driven fee structures, with bonuses, equity kickers or other tools, to narrowly align our interests with those of our clients, while carefully crafting deal strategies and structures to address our clients' goals.

As a result, we have a track record of advising on multiple deals for clients over time. To date, this has led to situations where Chiron has invested, raised additional capital, and participated as an active Board member.