Chiron focuses on the consumer-oriented sectors, which continue to grow on the back of GDP growth and high disposable income and relatively low consumer and corporate debt levels.
As an affiliate of Edgewood Holdings, Chiron Partners is a sister company to WestWater Research, which is the market leader in pricing and advisory services for water right trading and water resource development. Its clients have included the World Bank, US Government, UK Government and World Resources Institute.

Market Information Matters.
Since its formulation, WestWater has focused on developing the highest quality and most comprehensive database of water right transactions within the industry, ensuring that clients stay ahead of market trends.

Creating Value Through Innovation.
WestWater structured and marketed $67 million auction of effluent water recharge credits for an Arizona municipality. The auction was recognized internationally as "Water Deal of the Year" by Global Water Intelligence and has been called a "breakthrough" transaction for the water rights sector.

Large–Scale Development Experience.
WestWater has advised on over $750 million in water transactions and concluded numerous market studies and valuation analysis in every major market region across the United States.

Bringing and Investor Perspective.
WestWater prides itself on bringing financial sophistication to the water development sector. With affiliate Edgewood, WestWater works regularly with private equity firms and hedge funds in structuring deals and sourcing funds for water development and acquisition projects.