Chiron focuses on the consumer-oriented sectors, which continue to grow on the back of GDP growth and high disposable income and relatively low consumer and corporate debt levels.
Bulk Commodities & Energy

Chiron's strategic partner and shareholder, Edgewood Holdings, brings deep experience in commodities and energy for its investments. These sectors include gas-derivative chemicals and fertilizers (nitrogen, ammonia, urea, potash, sulphur, phosphate), and coal/carbon (including coke processing).

Below are profiles of two of Edgewood's investments in the sector:

Traxys is a leading global metals, minerals and carbon trading group with a long operating history and sales exceeding USD 4 Billion from a global office network. Traxys has strategic operating and logistics assets for trading and risk management solutions.

Traxys leverages stakes in operating and logistics assets, including:
• KRTerminals: 4 river-based coal handling terminals in Kentucky & W. VA
• White Pine Electric: power plants in Michigan
• Molycorp Minerals: a rare-earth mineral producer based in California

Our affiliate, Edgewood Holdings, originated the buy-out with Traxys management and co-invested with three Private Equity partners in acquiring Traxys from Arcelor SA and Umicore.

Our affiliate, Edgwood, co-originated this opportunity for Pegasus Capital in the buyout of CVR, an oil refining and nitrogen chemicals business in Kansas. Mr. Dorsey led Commercial Operations and served on the Board of Directors. Coffeyville was sold to a group led by Goldman Sachs/Kelso at a multiple over 10x on equity invested.