Chiron focuses on the consumer-oriented sectors, which continue to grow on the back of GDP growth and high disposable income and relatively low consumer and corporate debt levels.
Teamed with our affiliate, Edgewood Holdings, we see that rapidly increasing demand for food presents excellent investment opportunities. Current trends necessitate increased agricultural productivity:

1. Global population growth

2. Increasing per capita income: Increased per capita income in developing markets will result in rapidly rising meat consumption, which in turn requires more grain

3. Increasing consumption of food crops as fuel: Mandated ethanol consumption in the U.S. is only one example of increased focus on renewable sources of energy. Most often these alternative fuels require food feedstocks.

4. Finite arable land

5. The only way for the world to meet this rapidly increasing demand for food is through increased yields

Investment Opportunities
Based on our experience, we are focused on the following opportunities:

Water: Increased irrigation and improved technology.

Fertilizers: Production of nitrogen, phosphate and potash, secondary nutrients, e.g., sulfur and trading and distribution opportunities. Key trends: increased application rates and more sophisticated technologies

Farmland management: We have experience with cropping and land acquisition.

Dairies: Edgewood was a partner in Hall Dairies, which has 2,000 cows in Idaho as well as having previously acquired, operated and sold several dairy farms in Wisconsin. Edgewood also has experience in launching a successful national feed business, growing and distributing alfalfa to dairy customers nationwide.