Chiron focuses on the consumer-oriented sectors, which continue to grow on the back of GDP growth and high disposable income and relatively low consumer and corporate debt levels.
Forest Products
Chiron advised the shareholders of Tolleson Lumber on the recent sale to Ilim Timber, a global forest products group. We actively support forest products professionals and owners by providing superior service and value to our clients in the industry.

Lumber Manufacturing
Chiron recognizes the temporary nature of the ongoing downturn in U.S. home construction. We believe that Housing starts are poised to rebound from 0.6 mln in 2010 towards the long-term demand of 1.6 mln to 1.8 mln as inventories decrease. Over the next 2-3 years we anticipate that the U.S. sawmill industry will enter a long term growth cycle. Five years of below average log consumption is leading to conversion of more chip-n-saw into larger sawtimber. This oversupply of raw material will keep lumber production cost down as demand rebounds. Meanwhile, recent changes in Chinese building codes to allow for wood frame construction in Shanghai has generated new demand from Asia.

image Tolleson Lumber manufactures dimensional lumber from its two sawmills in Perry, Georgia and Preston, Georgia. With 400 million board feet annual capacity, Tolleson has been one of the largest independent lumber manufacturers in the Southeast US.